Why Multicare

Why Multicare?

Why Multicare? Because we’re a fast growing company expanding both national and internationally. Because a career with Multicare means you can put your passion into practice and make an impact.

Explore what makes Multicare different and what we have to offer to our employees.

  • Future


    Multicare is expanding its business out of Egypt to cover other countries and continentals. New offices are open in New Zealand, India, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. We are a truly an international company. Our products portfolio is now covering mostly all key therapeutic classes. We are a pioneer in packing and our Multicare Egypt factory is appearing on the horizon.

  • Culture


    It is the culture of opportunity to those who have the willingness to develop and succeed. Our key parameter for people development is the performance which is the outcome of personability, willing and motivation.

  • Development and Training


    We believe in people and consider them as the competitive advantage and key assets for the organization success. For that, we have a full range of training and development programs built in such a way to cover most of the job soft skills needs with a touch to develop personal life skills which enhance positively his lifestyle and attitude.

  • Teamwork and Challenging


    Every one working in Multicare is surrounded by a group of professionals who are experienced in their field. They give him/her a very strong support to face the market competition. We have a winner’s spirit, the attitude of entrepreneur and the problem-solving mind. We challenge the obstacles and consider it as only another opportunity.

  • Benefits and Rewards


    In Multicare our mission is to attract high-quality people and do everything to keep those who are productive and stable. We offer a competitive salary, incentive plan and an opportunity to have a car in short period of time. On top of that, we care about employee life condition with Medical, life and social insurance.Benefits & Rewards



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