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Innovative Packaging Solutions for Pharmaceutical Products

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Multicare Egypt for Pharmaceutical Packaging creates competitive advantages and makes an added value to the Multicare contribution in the pharmaceutical market.

Multicare Egypt for Pharmaceutical Packaging is designed to provide state of art Aluminum foil as per customer demand and design.

We follow a customer-centric approach to fulfil packaging needs in the areas of pharmaceutical packaging, card solutions, and specialty films.

We understand deeply, only the success of the customers can lead our success, we are always generating & developing new technology, to improve our packaging, to reduce the cost, to increase the added value to our clients. All of our clients are assured of the right packaging solutions, with the competitive price, the high quality, and delivery on time.

Our goals are:
  • To provide our client with high-Quality materials in minimal time.
  • Succeed in the pharmaceutical Egyptian market which allows us to deal with the top manufacturers.

Our State Of Art Packaging Unit supplies the pharma industry with

  • Hard Aluminum FoilPackaging Machine 1
  • Alu – Alu
  • Triplex – PVDC/PE/PVC

And all packaging material involved in the pharmaceutical production process.

All the products are manufactured in the clean plants, high quality machines lines ensure the packagings are with excellent barrier performance, and pretty appearance. Please click the tabs below, for more information…

  • Hard Aluminium Foil

Aluminium FoilStructure

Alu-Alu Structure

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Aluminium blister foil is good barrier to moisture, vapour and gases and is suitable for high speed packing applications on rotary and flatbed blister packing machines.

The blister packs are compact in size and economical. Tablets can be removed easily from blister packs, as the hard foil breaks quickly when tablet /capsule is pressed from PVC side. Barrier properties of blister packs are comparatively lower than strip pack due to usage of PVC film on one side.

  • (20 micron) till 4 colors – with the possibility of producing a colored base / background

Hard app

  • Alu – Alu

Alu-Alu Structure

Alu-Alu Structure

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Alu-Alu info

Alu Au feat

alu- alu app

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PVDC-PVC Structure

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PVDC/PVC Features

PVDC/PVC appli

PVDC/PVC quality

  • Triplex

Triplex Structure

Triplex Structure

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Triplex is the internationally well accepted PVC/PE/PVDC film suitable for sensitive medicines. This packaging system is superior to the conventional PVC/PVDC structures of blister films, yet cost comparable. WHO specially recommends these blister films for packaging of medicines meant for global distribution, particularly into tropical zones.

  • Excellent thermoformability (deep draw)
  • Improved barrier over PVC/PVdC
  • Impact strength
  • Better machinability at lower thermoforming temperature
  • Nontoxic, pharma grade multilayered film
  • Active drug master filed with USFDA
  • Complies to the international limits for global migration and RVCM contents
  • Complying with EEC/USP and other international guidelines
  • Manufacturing and packaging carried out in a classified, dust proof and controlled environment.

  • Excellent multilayer barrier blister film ideal for sensitive to high sensitive range of pharmaceutical products.
  • All sensitive formulations which can be packed in Duplex can also be packed conveniently in this blister film.
  • This blister film is also ideal for use in packing of Antitubercular drugs (WHO requirement), Anti-diabetics, Lozenge formulations, enzyme preparations and many other sensitive formulations.


Multicare for Pharmaceutical Packaging

State of Art in Pharmaceutical Packaging