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Phyto-K IS

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Film Coated Tablets


Each film coated tablet contains:

Active ingredient:

Phytomenadione                             10mg  (Synthetic Vitamine K1)

Inactive ingredients:

Calcium phosphate, Colloidal silicon dioxide, Acacia, Lactose, Starch, Talc, Magnesium stearate, Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose, Titanium dioxide, polyethylene glycol 6000, Talc purified.


Pharmacological Actions:

Vitamine K1 (Phytomenadione), the active ingredient of Phyto K® is a procoagulant factor. A s a component of a hepatic carboxylase system, vitamin K1 is involved in the post-translational carboxylation of clotting factors II (prothrombin), VII, IX and X and the clotting inhibitors protein C and protein S. Coumarins inhibit the reduction of vitamin K1 (quinone form) to vitamin K1 hydroquinone and also prevent the vitamin K1 epoxide arising after carboxylation from being reduced to the quinone form.

Vitanmin K1 is ineffective in hereditary hypoprothrombinemia or hypoprothrombinemia induced by severe hepatic failure.

Lack of vitamin K1 leads to an increased tendency to haemorrhagic disease in the newborn. Vitamin K1 administration, which promotes synthesis of the above mentioned coagulation factors by the liver, can reverse an abnormal coagulation status and bleeding due to vitamin K1 deficiency.


Haemorrhage or risk of haemorrhage as a result of sever hypoprothrombinemia (i.e. deficiency of clotting factors II, VII, IX and x) of various aetiologies, including over dosage of cuomarin-type anticoagulants, their combination with phenylbutazone, and other forms of hypovitaminosis K (e.g. in obstructive jaundice as well as liver and intestinal disorders, and after prolonged treatment with antibiotics sulphonamides or salicylates).

Prophylaxis and treatment of haemorrhagic disease in the newborn.


Dose, dosage interval and duration of treatment depend on the severity of the patient’s hypoprothrombinemia and his response.

In haemorrhage or risk of haemorrhage one tablet followed by another dose which may be stronger if the first one showed no effect after 8-12 hours.


Store at temperature not exceeding 30°C in a dry place.

Keep out of reach of children


Carton box containing 1, 2, 3 to 10 strip each of 10 film coated tablets with insert leaflet.



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