Multicare Overview

Multicare Egypt for Pharmaceutical Industries History

Multicare Egypt for Pharmaceutical Industries has been launched in Egypt in 2001. Multicare is a fast growing company in the field of pharmaceutical industry. when we opened our doors more than 10 years ago, we had the staff of three.

Multicare at a glance

Today, Multicare:

  • Employs more than 350 employees in Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, and U.A.E.
  • We serve the pharmaceutical field with more than 40 products in different therapeutic areas and over 100 products in the pipeline.
  • Multicare Pharmaceutical Industries plant was launched in 2016.
  • We are experts in the packaging of pharmaceutical products.

We operate in a highly competitive and rapidly growing market. We’ve invested significant resource to ensure we’re best placed to meet current and future growth targets through:

Innovative Solutions

We use the most advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing techniques to develop the best products in the key therapeutic areas.

We focus on developing leading-edge, world-class innovations that are scientifically-supported, and contribute to building healthier lives and improving health quality.

Raw Materials

We believe that the best products start with high-quality raw materials so we give much attention to the selection of our suppliers.

Quality Assurance

Multicare quality assurance professionals are responsible for developing, monitoring and overseeing measures that assure control, reproducibility and reliability of manufacturing and testing processes. Through their activities, our quality assurance professionals are responsible for ensuring that the Company meets government requirements as well as providing assurance of safety and efficacy of medicines to the consumers. Quality Control personnel conduct sampling and testing required evaluating compliance of the manufactured products to compendia standards of safety and effectiveness.

They assure that Multicare is GMP compliant facility with modern state-of-the-art equipment where they apply a valuable experience in pharmaceutical analytical instrumentation, documentation, GMP compliance, auditing, technical writing and quality assurance processes and procedures.

Qualified staff

The Multicare Standard Operation Procedures (S.O.P) helps the organizations recruit, develop, and retain a talented workforce so that they can concentrate on completing time-sensitive product production and meeting strict quality standards from production till marketing with complete customer’s satisfaction. Multicare has the challenge of remaining highly competitive while staying compliant with industry regulations, resulting in a need to retain the best-qualified employees for intense and complex jobs. Qualified staff helps to meet the company goals of compliance, increasing productivity, and increasing product safety.

Pharmcare is strongly resourced with a highly skilled and experienced team that includes:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Accounting