Partnering & Pipeline

Our history tells us that creativity thrives in partnerships. We are dedicated to patient care and to our business, and we are open to a wide range of partnering.

Multicare works with a carefully defined process from opportunity identification to deal-making to ensure optimal communication with our potential partners.

Our main goal is to bring innovation from partnership to patients and we believe that a dialogue that addresses mutual synergies and common interests creates the foundation for a win-win partnership. We are a great believer in leveraging mutually core competencies and developing both our partner and ourselves.

Our vision is to change Multicare for the better through valuable partnerships, and we are working focused to have healthy and productive alliances.


Partnership Established on

Rx Vitamin™ is a creator of leading-edge, condition-specific scientifically advanced nutraceutical formulations. More


Partnership Established on

Melcare Biomedical is a developer and manufacturer of therapeutic products for skin, wound and eye care using standardised medical honeys for a global market. More


Partnership Established on

Bilcare™ is a global leader and an innovation-led packaging solutions provider that offers innovative packaging solutions mainly used for packaging of solid dosage pharmaceutical products.  More


Partnership Established on

Vitaco™ is the largest natural health supplement and specialist food and beverage manufacturer in Australasia serving global markets.  More


Partnership Established on

T&L Co., Ltd. was founded, as a company producing mainly high molecule technological products.  More




Compound / Therapeutic Class / Indication Status
Aripiprazole / Antipsychotic / Schizophernia  Registered
Simvastatin – Ezetimibe / Statin combination / Dyslipidemia Registered
Vardenafil / PDE5 Inhibitor / Erectile Dysfunction Registered
Saxaigliptin – Metformin / Antidiabeticcombination / Diabetes On Process