• Pharmaceutical Products

    We have a variety of pharmaceutical prescription and OTC products that help improves life for all family members
  • Packaging

    We are pioneers in pharmaceutical packaging, We offer a variety of packaging techniques.


Emerging from our responsibility towards community and with believe in our theme to be a partner for healthcare we built our business to serve our customers through two main activities:


– The main one is to develop a group of medicinal prescription and OTC products for different diseases and health risks that impact many people lifestyle in our society.


– The second is that we use the recent pharmaceutical packaging techniques to help the pharmaceutical industry to deliver an appropriate packaging that ensures the safety of the pharmaceutical preparations in order to keep them free from contamination, hinder microbial growth, and ensure product safety through the intended shelf life for the pharmaceuticals


  • Products


    In Multicare we are striving to develop products that deliver the maximum therapeutic efficacy and best tolerability through product unique formula and by using the pharmaceutical science techniques. Our products is covering a range of classes in key therapeutic areas like Cardiovascular, Neuropsychiatry, Gastroenterology and others.

    Explore Our Therapeutic Areas

    We invest to find medicines that can help improve lives. Today, Multicare has more than 30 prescription & OTC products in key therapeutic areas.

  • Services


    We offer a packaging solutions through being an official agent for Bilcare, the global leader and an innovation-led packaging solutions provider that deliver sustainable, affordable and innovative packaging solutions to customers globally.

    We follow a customer-centric approach to fulfil packaging needs in the areas of pharmaceutical packaging, card solutions and speciality films.

    We offer pharmaceutical packaging techniques include foil and heat sealing; polyester and olefin package printing; polyethylene and polypropylene printing; and flatbed die cutting.

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