How To Apply

Hiring Procedure

Browse our Job Opportunities Page to find openings in your field of interest. Our job postings include detailed descriptions of and requirements for each position.

You can find your desired perfect position, based on your Career Level,  Functional Area, Location, and Country.

When you find a job that suits your interests, background, and qualifications, you can apply directly from the posting by clicking the Apply Button at the bottom of the page.

Online Application

Every job in the Job Opportunities Page has a link to the online application. The application is your opportunity to share as much information as possible about yourself and to tell us about your skills, interests, and achievements to date.

Please complete the online application carefully. All applications fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

You must upload your C.V. you can upload attachments that total up to 32 MB in size; the maximum size for any single attachment is 3 MB.


Once you have submitted your online application, you’ve completed the first step toward an exciting new career at Multicare Egypt.

But what happens next? The important information below will help you make the most of your interview.

Hiring Procedure

When applicants send their job applications with attached CV, including their jobs of interest the recruitment team will consult the relevant department to make a preliminary selection among the submitted applications.

Candidates with skills and qualifications most closely aligned with the position requirements will be contacted directly by the recruitment team to inform them about the date and time of the interviews.

Interviews may be conducted by phone, in person, or as part of an assessment, depending on the job in concern.


Each applicant will conduct a preliminary interview with the Human Resources Director. The main purpose of this interview is for the candidate and the company to get to know each other, the interviewee should care of his general appearance, explain the level of experience, why he is interested to work in our company, and express the passion for work so that he is eligible for the job he is applying for. Human Resources Director will discuss with the applicant the expected salary, expenses and the location of the job

If the applicant passed the preliminary interview he will be eligible for a series of interviews with the managers of the relevant department followed by a final interview with the company chairman.

In case of acceptance, the Human Resources Director will inform you of the date of hiring and contract to sign.